COR Program

The SASM Audit and Certification program is based on international, national, and provincial standards and legislation. The program is called the Certificate of Recognition program. The specific standards used to develop our SASM standard are:

International Standards

OHSAS 18001:1999 Standard for Occupational Health and Safety System Management


ISO 19011:2002 Standard for Auditing Management Systems

National Standards

CSA Z1000 Standard for Occupational Health and Safety System Management


Codes of Practice (various)

Provincial Legislation

OH&S Act and Regulations


WCB Act and Regulations

JIC (Joint Industry Committee)

Standard for Occupational Health and Safety System Management and the auditing of those systems

SASM’s Certificate of Recognition certification program has three different levels. The Bronze level is designed to assist firms that are just developing their safety management system and especially small firms. The Bronze level requires compliance with OH&S and WCB regulations. The Silver level certification is much more robust.  All firms that have qualified at this level have received significant premium reductions from the WCB. The Gold level certification follows the Joint Industry Committee’s recommendations explicitly and can be considered world class.  Continuous improvement is required in all levels of SASM’s certification program until the firm is in the best 35% of their industry.

Firms that achieve a minimum of 60% in all elements and a minimum of 80% overall are awarded their initial certification. The certification is valid for three years provided additional criteria are met. These criteria include performing an annual SASM Certificate of Recognition program based (or equivalent) internal audit or alternatively having an externally managed health and safety perception survey of the entire work force. Additionally the firm must consistently improve their accident / incident rate as reported to/by WCB.

Auditing is free for members. SASM’s audit teams are experienced and always include at least one audit team member who, in addition to industry specific audit training, has qualified at the national/international level to audit the OHSAS 18001 standard. WCB-SK audits SASM’s certification program to ensure that it meets the highest standards.

For a hard copy of the SASM Certification Process Download - PDF.

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